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AFF-1197 FluoroLam Protective Film
AFF-1292 FluoroLease Protective Film


AFF-1060 CHR Thermal Spray Tapes
AFF-1164 CHEMFAB Contact Grilling
AFF-1061 CHR Circuit Board Tapes
AFF-1166 CHR General Purpose Tapes
AFF-1167 CHR Heat Sealing Tapes
AFF-1168 CHR Slip & Release Tapes
AFF-1169 CHR Splice & Seam Tapes
AFF-1183R CHR Strip-N-Stick
AFF-1443 Window Welding Application data
sheet (SGG5-06R)

94 CHR Flame Spray Masking Tapes
AFF-1595 CHR Electrical Insulation and Isolation Tapes
AFF-1596 CHR Plastic Heat Sealing Tapes
AFF-1597 CHR General Purpos Industrial Tapes
AFF-1598 CHR Industrial Splicing and Seaming Tapes
AFF-1599 CHR Industrial Non-Stick
AFF-1600 CHR Aircraft/Aerospace Composit Bonding Tapes

AFF-1601 CHR Electronic Assembly and Fabrication


AFF-1296 ThermaCool Thermal Management Fabric
AFF-1297 ThermaCool Thermal Management Tape
AFF-1298 ThermaCool Thermal Management Gap Filler
AFF-1299 ThermaCool Thermal Management Phase Change
AFF-1060F CHR Press. Sens.Thermal Spray Flyr

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