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AFF-1005R Norton ECTFE Film
AFF-1006R Norton ETFE Film
AFF-1007R Norton FEP Film
AFF-1008R Norton MFA Film
AFF-1009R Norton PFA Film
AFF-1010R Norton PMP Film
AFF-1011R Norton PTFE Film T100/T200
AFF-1012R Norton PVDF Film
AFF-1013A Norton OptiLiner & SupraLiner Release Coated Film

AFF-1014A Norton 5000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1015A Norton 6000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1016A Norton 7000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1017A Norton 8000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1037 Norton 3000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1038 Norton 9000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1077 CHEMFILM Fluoropolymer Cast Films
AFF-1182 PTFE Sheet and Film
AFF-1197 FluoroLam Protective Film
AFF-1292 FluoroLease Protective Film


AFF-1060 CHR Thermal Spray Tapes
AFF-1060F CHR Press. Sens.Thermal Spray Flyr
AFF-1061 CHR Circuit Board Tapes
AFF-1166 CHR General Purpose Tapes
Tape (cont.)

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