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AFF-1318 Film FluoroLam Series
AFF-1319 Film FluoroLease Series
AFF-1320 Fabric Silicone Coated Series
AFF-1321 Fabric Conductive Coated Series
AFF-1322 Tape Strip-N-Stick Acrylic Series
AFF-1323 Tape Strip-N-Stick Silicone Series
AFF-1328 Tape Silicone Adhesive-Polyester Film Series
AFF-1329 Tape Silicone Adhesive- Paper Series
AFF-1330 Tape Silicone Adhesive- Glass Series
AFF-1331 Tape Silicone Adhesive-Glass-Foil Series
AFF-1332 Tape Acrylic Adhesive-Polyester Film Series
AFF-1333 Tape Acrylic Adhesive- Glass Series
AFF-1334 Tape Acrylic Adhesive- Foil Series
AFF-1335 Tape Silicone Adhesive- Foil Series
AFF-1336 Tape Acrylic Adhesive- Polyimide Film Series
AFF-1337 Tape Acrylic Adhesive- Rulon PTFE Series
AFF-1338 Tape Acrylic Adhesive- PTFE Series
AFF-1339 Tape Rubber Adhesive-Polyester Film Series
AFF-1340 Tape Silicone Adhesive-PTFE-Glass Series
AFF-1341 Tape Silicone Adhesive- Polyimide Film Series
AFF-1342 Tape Acrylic Adhesive-UHMW Film Series
AFF-1343 Tape Rubber Adhesive-UHMW Film Series
AFF-1352 ThermaCool Silicone Rubber Series


Material Safety Data Sheet CHEMFILM®
Engineered Films MSDS0898-024

Material Safety Data Sheet CHEMFILM®
Engineered Films MSDS0898-018

Material Safety Data Sheet CHEMFILM®
Engineered Films MSDS0502-021

Material Safety Data Sheet CHEMFILM®
Engineered Films MSDS1201-020
Material Safety Data Sheet CHEMFILM®
Fluoropolymer Film MSDS0195-022


AFF-1076 High-Performance Sleeve w/o FluoroLam
AFF-1077 CHEMFILM Sleeve Cast Film
AFF-1187 High-Performance Sleeve w/ FluoroLam
AFF-1188 High-Performance Sleeve w/ FluoroLease


AFF-1516 Thermal Management Product Portfolio

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