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AFF-1005R Norton ECTFE Film
AFF-1006R Norton ETFE Film
AFF-1007R Norton FEP Film
AFF-1008R Norton MFA Film
AFF-1009R Norton PFA Film
AFF-1010R Norton PMP Film
AFF-1011R Norton PTFE Film T100/T200
AFF-1012R Norton PVDF Film
AFF-1013A Norton OptiLiner & SupraLiner Release Coated Film
AFF-1014A Norton 5000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1015A Norton 6000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1016A Norton 7000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1017A Norton 8000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1037 Norton 3000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1038 Norton 9000 Series Release Coated Film
AFF-1077 CHEMFILM Fluoropolymer Cast Films
AFF-1182 PTFE Sheet and Film
AFF-1018 CHEMFAB Laminates
AFF-1148 NORTON Cast 2000 Film
AFF-1149 NORTON Cast DF100 and C/CD Film
AFF-1150 NORTON DF1100 Film
AFF-1151 NORTON DF1400 Film
AFF-1152 NORTON DF1700 Film
AFF-1300 NORTON E124 PTFE Film
AFF-1301 NORTON E125 PTFE Film
AFF-1302 NORTON R128/R129 PTFE Film
AFF-1303 NORTON R167 PTFE Film
AFF-1345 CHEMFAB Industrial 22 PTFE Coated Fabric
AFF-1346 CHEMFAB TCN 10 AS PTFE Coated Fabric
AFF-1467 Norton Polyimide Film TH Series (TH-025, TH-050)
AFF-1483 Norton FluoroLease A Release Film


AFF-1470 COHRlastic Coated Fabric  3016
AFF-1471 COHRlastic Coated Fabric 3010
AFF-1472 COHRlastic Coated Fabric  03007
AFF-1473 COHRlastic Coated Fabric 3032

AFF-1474 COHRlastic Coated Fabric  1007
AFF-1475 COHRlastic Coated Fabric 1015
AFF-1476 COHRlastic Coated Fabric  1010
AFF-1477 COHRlastic Coated Fabric 03014
AFF-1478 COHRlastic Coated Fabric  1410
AFF-1479 COHRlastic Coated Fabric 3210
AFF-1480 COHRlastic Coated Fabric  1115
AFF-1481 COHRlastic Coated Fabric 1025
AFF-1482 COHRlastic Coated Fabric  1032


AFF-1084 CHR 280 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1085 CHR A2005 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1086 CHR K-Series 0.5 mil Tape
AFF-1087 CHR K-Series 1.0 mil Tape
AFF-1088 CHR K-Series 2.0 mil Tape
AFF-1089 CHR K-Series 5.0 mil Tape
AFF-1090 CHR 06004 & 06005 Tapes
AFF-1091 CHR SG03 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1092 CHR SG05 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1093 CHR SG06 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1094 CHR SG13 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1095 CHR SG15 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1096 CHR SG16 PTFE-Glass Tape

AFF-1097 CHR SG23 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1098 CHR SG25 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1099 CHR SG26 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1100 CHR SG33 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1101 CHR SG35 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1102 CHR SG36 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1103 CHR SG55 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1104 CHR SG56 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1105 CHR SGB6 PTFE-Glass Laminate Tape
AFF-1106 CHR SGC6 PTFE-Glass Laminate Tape
AFF-1107 CHR Trifoil Film
AFF-1108 CHR T-Series PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1109 CHR RU & RU101 Film Tape
AFF-1110 CHR K290ESD Film Tape
AFF-1111 CHR K100 Film Tape
AFF-1112 CHR HM430 & HM650 PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1113 CHR HM350 & HM426 PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1114 CHR H-7525 and H7575 Flame Spray Tapes
AFF-1115 CHR G-Series Glass Tapes
AFF-1116 CHR C663 & C680 Paper Tapes
AFF-1117 CHR C661 & C665 Copper Foil Tapes
AFF-1118 CHR A-Series Aluminum Foil Tapes
AFF-1119 CHR 2965 & 2975 Flame Spray Tapes
AFF-1120 CHR 2925 & 2995 Flame Spray Tapes
AFF-1121 CHR 2915 & 2916 Glass Tapes
AFF-1122 CHR 2905 Glass Tape

Tapes (cont.)

AFF-1123 CHR 23816 Flame Spray Tape
AFF-1124 CHR C2355 FEP Film Tape
AFF-1125 CHR 2302 UHMW Film Tape
AFF-1126 CHR 2300 UHMW Film Tape
AFF-1127 CHR 2283 & 2285 PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1128 CHR 2275 PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1129 CHR 2265 PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1130 CHR 2255 PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1131 CHR 2253 & 2254 PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1132 CHR 2042 PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1133 CHR 2045 PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1134 CHR M-Series 1 mil PET-Rubber Tape (54, 56, 64, 716, 734, 788, 797, 851, 897)
AFF-1135 CHR M-Series 1mil PET-Silicone Tape (50, 52, 66, 717, 741, 746, 751, 758, 803, 815, 823, 824, 827)
AFF-1136 CHR M-Series 1 mil PET-Acrylic Tape (60, 69, 97, 705, 706, 765)
AFF-1137 CHR M730 1.5 mil PET-Silicone Tape
AFF-1138 CHR M-Series 2 mil PET- Rubber Tape (57, 783, 852)
AFF-1139 CHR M-Series 2 mil PET- Silicone Tape (98, 832, 887)
AFF-1140 CHR M99 2 mil PET- Acrylic Tape
AFF-1141 CHR M-Series 5 mil PET- Acrylic Tape
AFF-1142 CHR 2819 & 2829 PTFE-Glass Tape
AFF-1227 CHR R-Series PTFE Film Tape
AFF-1228 CHR K201 & K202 Film Tape
AFF-1390 CHR Strip-N-Stick Silicone Sponge Tape 100S
AFF-1391 CHR Strip-N-Stick Silicone Sponge Tape 200A

AFF-1392 CHR Strip-N-Stick Silicone Sponge Tape 300AR

AFF-1393 CHR Strip-N-Stick Silicone Sponge Tape 440A

AFF-1394 CHR Strip-N-Stick Silicone Sponge Tape 440S

AFF-1395 CHR Strip-N-Stick Silicone Sponge Tape 512AF
AFF-1411 CHR SGK5-05 Para-Aramid—PTFE Film Tape

AFF-1272 ThermaCool C675 Tape
AFF-1273 ThermaCool C690 Tape
AFF-1274 ThermaCool K271 Tape
AFF-1275 ThermaCool K275 Tape
AFF-1276 ThermaCool TR3&TR5 Tape
AFF-1277 ThermaCool 1055&1060 Tape
AFF-1278 ThermaCool 1095 Phase Change
AFF-1279 ThermaCool 1100 Phase Change
AFF-1280 ThermaCool R10404 Gap Filler
AFF-1281 ThermaCool TC100 Gap Filler
AFF-1282 ThermaCool TC100U Gap Filler
AFF-1283 ThermaCool TC3001 Gap Filler
AFF-1284 ThermaCool TC3002 Gap Filler
AFF-1285 ThermaCool TC3005 Gap Filler
AFF-1286 ThermaCool TF1818 Fabric
AFF-1287 ThermaCool TF1870 Fabric
AFF-1288 ThermaCool TF400 Fabric
AFF-1289 ThermaCool TF500 Fabric
AFF-1295 ThermaCool General Line Sheet
AFF-1316 ThermaCool TC3001 HCT Phase Change
AFF-1317 ThermaCool TC3005 HCT Phase Change